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Less Iritation To Skin

Mothers are often surprised to see the stains on their little one's bag after school. The reason is, your little one's school bag can get food stains from an open lunch box or marker ink that is not tightly closed. Therefore, mothers not only need to know how to wash clothes properly, but also have to understand the right way to wash their little one's school bags. See the following tips for washing school bags!

Generally, any type of school bag can be washed in the same way. However, the way to wash a school bag is slightly different from how to wash clothes. Mothers need to check the care label of the bag to avoid the wrong way of caring for the bag. Some bag materials cannot be washed in a washing machine. Therefore, to wash it, you can use the following method of washing the bag by hand:

  1. Soak the bag in warm water and add 1 measuring cap of Gentle Gen Detergent to lift the stain

  2. After 30 minutes, remove the bag and pour some Gentle Gen Detergent over it. Then, rub gently with the stain remover found on the Gentle Gen bottle cap and clean water until it foams

  3. If the bag strap is removable, wash the bag strap separately. Rub the bag’s strap or rub with the stain remover found on the Gentle Gen bottle cap

  4. If the stain on the bag is gone, rinse the bag with clean water

  5. Dry the bag in the sun until it is completely dry. Make sure all parts of the bag are dry before use

Don't forget to invite your little one to contribute in cleaning his school bag, Mom. This will foster a sense of responsibility for the little one.