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Less Iritation To Skin

Does your little one still wet the bed often? If yes, of course, you must immediately change the bed sheet so that the smell of the bed bugs does not stick to the bed. However, sometimes the smell of bedwetting does not go away even though the sheets have been washed many times. So, is there the right way to make bed linen that has been wetted clean again and smells good? To get rid of the smell of bedwetting on your little one's sheets, you can wash them using the right detergent. Use Gentle Gen detergent when washing the child's bed linen.

With the freshness of the long-lasting French Gentle Gen perfume, your little one's sheets can be clean and smell good again. Here's how to wash bed linen with bedwetting using Gentle Gen Detergent:

  1. Immediately soak the bed linen in a bucket of clean water. Pour 2 bottle caps of Gentle Gen Detergent into the bucket

  2. After letting it sit for about 30 minutes, wash the sheets until the stains and the smell of the bed bugs are gone

  3. Rinse the sheets with clean water

  4. Dry the sheets in the sun to dry

After washing the sheets, make sure you clean your little one's bed from the smell of bedwetting. Here are the steps to get rid of the smell of bedwetting on the mattress:

  1. Mix a little Gentle Gen Detergent with water. Then, dip a sponge in it

  2. Place the spine on the part of the mattress that is wet and rub gently

  3. Use a damp cloth to rinse away the stains and the smell of bedwetting on the part of the mattress affected by the bedwetting

  4. Dry the mattress in the sun to dry

  5. Put the clean sheets that have been washed earlier

Benefits of Gentle The detergent not only makes your child's bed linen clean and fragrant again, but can also be used to clean the bedwetting smell on the mattress.