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Less Iritation To Skin

Sneakers are one of the most popular types of casual shoes. Starting from children to adults, they are familiar with using these shoes everyday. In terms of maintenance, sneakers are actually easier to handle than any other shoes such as loafers or cloth shoes. In fact, sneakers can also be washed in various ways, either by washing machine or manually. Take a peek at the various ways to wash these sneakers, Mom!

How to wash sneakers with washing machine

For mothers who are busy and don’t have much time, washing sneakers by hand is certainly quite a hassle. Because washing sneakers manually takes time and a long process. However, now you don’t have to worry. As long as you know the right way, you can save time and wash your sneakers using a machine. Here’s how:

  • First remove the shoelaces and foot pads from the shoes to facilitate the washing process

  • Remove the dirty parts that stick to the shoes using an old rag or brush

  • Put sneakers in pillowcases, towels, blankets, or covered fabrics. This is done so that the shoes are not torn directly by the agitator of washing machine fan

  • Use cold water and 1 measure of Gentle Gen Detergent to wash sneakers

  • Wait until the washing process using the machine is complete

  • It’s best not to dry sneakers using a dryer. The use of a fan or hair dryer to dry is recommended to keep the shoes in good condition