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Less Iritation To Skin

Some people still have to travel or do activities outside their homes in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. People who continue to do activities outside the home are obliged to maintain personal hygiene and health. Not just washing their hands with soap, they must immediately wash the clothes they wear when traveling to eradicate bacteria or the corona virus that may be attached to the clothes.

To get rid of bacteria, germs, or viruses that stick to clothes, try changing the way you wash your clothes. Here are tips for washing clothes properly to kill bacteria and germs attached to clothes:

  1. Use water with high temperature

After traveling outside the house, immediately soak the clothes in hot water. The benefits of hot water are to eradicate bacteria and viruses. The reason is, bacteria and viruses will die if they are at very high temperatures.

In order not to damage the clothes, try to pay attention to the clothing care instructions that are usually listed on the clothes. There are some types of fabric that can't be soaked in hot water. If the clothes can't be soaked in hot water, just use warm water at a lower temperature.

  1. Use the right detergent

Detergent is one of the main components for washing clothes more cleanly. Therefore, choose the right detergent such as Gentle Gen so that the washing results are cleaner, but still soft on the hands and do not damage the fibers of the clothes. The surfactant content contained in Gentle Gen can effectively kill germs on the clothes of yours and your family.

  1. Wash using washing machine

Who says washing clothes in the washing machine is not as clean as washing it manually by hand? The washing machine can actually wash better because it has several wash cycles that can be adjusted to your needs.

To save time, wash clothes that have just been worn outdoors in the washing machine. While the laundry is in progress, you can do other productive activities, such as cleaning the furniture, cooking, or ironing clothes.

  1. Washing clothes regularly

During the covid-19 pandemic, try not to hoard dirty clothes for days, especially if the clothes are used to travel outside the house. Try to wash clothes every day. By washing clothes regularly, you have taken effective steps to prevent transmission of the corona virus through clothes.

  1. Separate the clothes with anyone who sick

If there is a family member who is sick, wash his clothes separately from the clothes of other healthy family members. Even though the pain is not due to the corona virus infection, there is nothing wrong if we are on guard. Especially for sick people's clothes, they must be soaked in hot water first to kill bacteria or viruses attached to the clothes.

Washing clothes properly is a good effort to prevent transmission of the corona virus through clothes. Don't forget to wash clothes with the right detergent.

Use a quality detergent, such as Gentle Gen, which is not only able to lift stains, but can also remove bacteria and fungi in clothes.