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Less Iritation To Skin

For housewives who often wash, we often ignore the products we use every day. Many of us do not pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of products that we often use. One of them is when we wash clothes. Did you know that in detergent there are several substances that can damage our skin and if we are not careful in using it, we can get hurt. Especially in pandemic conditions like now, everyone is more sterile and washes their clothes more often after activities outside the home. 

The substance contained in the detergent is called LABSA. LABSA or Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid is a substance that we commonly encounter in detergents that already exist today. LABSA is an organic fatty acid that is soluble in water and diluted to give off heat. If our hands often feel hot, red and rough when washing with powdered detergent, it's because there is LABSA in the detergent. Besides being able to cause our hands to become hot and wrinkled, if we are not careful, LABSA can be very dangerous for us. If it gets into the eyes, it will cause our eyes to burn. If it stays too long on the skin, it can burn our skin, rough it and increase skin permeability because LABSA absorbs through the skin. If ingested, it can cause burns to our digestive tract. In addition, overuse of detergents containing LABSA can irritate the human respiratory system and cause nausea. LABSA can also cause a negative impact on the environment, detergents containing LABSA are difficult to decompose, causing poisoning in aquatic biota. 

The way to overcome the losses caused by LABSA is to switch to using plant-active detergents without LABSA which are made from natural plant ingredients such as vegetable oils obtained from palm oil, so that they can still clean our clothes optimally. Plant-based detergents have ushered in a new era of washing because they are easily biodegradable and friendly to the environment and friendly to family skin. 

For this reason, from now on it is important to find out and use detergents made from plants because of their advantages that are gentle on hands and do not damage clothing fibers.